9 South Vapes

"SUPER NOVA" - Created in the cosmos travel through space and time with Super Nova! A Crisp Vanilla WaterBerry sure to rock the foundation that is your flavor pallet."

Cereal Killa Squared!" - C.K. Squared is the Newest addition to the 9SV Roster. With the Global Success of "The Original Cereal Killa" We are proud to revisit the flavor that started it all... Squared is exactly what it says .. Same cereal favorite just with a marshmallow square twist.

"CEREAL KILLA" - Feeling nostalgic? This milky fruity vape will defiinitely take you back to your saturday morning cartoon days! The Hype is Real... The flavor that changed the industry and made its own catagory "The Cereal Vape"!!!

"TOASTED" - A Warm Sweet Cinnamon French Toast Smothered in Maple Syrup. The Very Picture of Confection!

"KINGS ONLY" - Made for the Pharaohs.. Kings Only is a rich Raspberry Shortbread with a smooth Coconut Milk exhale. The Flavor that just tastes Regal. Claim the Throne!

"CLOUD STATUS" - The taste of the clouds.. Cloud Status is a whispy lemon berry yogurt. Taste the heavens with this explosion of light but brilliant flavors.

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