TVL Squad Sauce

Banana Milk - Inspired by local deli fresh bananas fuse with condensed milk make this unique flavor one for everyone.

Blowpop - A very nice sweet mix that... Honestly taste like a job breaker.

Crunchberries - A cereal milk with a splash of berries and cream.

Grape Kool-Aid - Everybody's favorite purple drink.

Honeydew - A sweet slice of honeydew melon.

I.C.E. Burg - A fresh Spearmint stick of gum.

Jungle Juice - Berries and Menthol make this blend perfect for menthol lovers.

Raspberry Lemonade - A refreshing iced cold glass of raspberry lemonade for that blistering summer day.

Skittle - Taste the rainbow with every drop.

Strawberry Malt - Strawberry fields.

Uncle Pucker - Simple and sweet with a bite of sour Green Apple.

Victory - Peanut butter, banana, and hazelnut a breakfast fit for a champion.

Watermelon - Fresh sliced watermelon.

WeBiPapa - Papaya, Strawberry and Kiwi all wrapped up in a tasty mix that'll remind you of summer days.

White Girl - A perfect blend for lovers of vanilla desserts.