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Vapor City Sauce

Bandwagon - yogurt is the new custard, jump on the bandwagon with creamy spoonfuls of yogurt and decadent strawberries which will leave you wanting more
Conspiracy - is an exotic tropical gateway. It's smooth and delicious blood orange in hell is sure to transport you to another world. You may end up in Area 51 or the Bermuda Triangle, but don't say we didn't warn you
Fear Mongering - Fruity cereal, and creamy good. Before all the media fear mongering we enjoy the simplicities of childhood, this flavor will bring back to your lost innocence. Grab your favorite blankie, put on some cartoons and VAPE IT UP like it is Saturday morning
Rebel - has a rich mouth feel and excellent full bodied flavor. Creamy custard with a sugar cookies sweetness. Just like the rebels of the past, this flavor is for the vaper that demands a choice with a dab of passion and heart. This flavor will satisfy the masses
Red Herring - is completely fruity! Everybody ain't taste this different but don't worry this isn't meant for distraction just satisfaction? Reminiscent of your favorite purple bag of rainbow candies
Rumors - is a mouth watering sweet great mix? Rumor has it adults don't like sweet candy flavors, we'll let you be the judge, but were pretty sure you'll love it! Rumors don't always have to be a bad thing... it will grape you right in the mouth
Robber Baron - this may be the richest of our flavors, a sweet caramel and vanilla balanced with a savory Asian tobacco undertones
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