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High Class Hi Fi E-liquid 60ml

High Class Hi Fi E-liquid 60ml

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Nicotine Level

Flavor: Cucumber, Hibiscus, honeysuckle, FIg e-liquid

After travelling to Morocco and seeing the streets filled with natives and the finest of products available locally, the founders at High Class wanted to create something truly different to satiate even the most adventurous vapors taste buds. Incorporating elements of a fresh cucumber, tropical hibiscus, sweet honeysuckle and a ripe fig, Hifi was born. With each and every vape of this flavor you will be instantly feel that not only is this flavor truly unique but well crafted. Too often companies go for strange flavors to entice the first time buyer with no hopes of ever seeing them again. With Hi-Fi, not only are we confident that there is nothing else like it, but that you will love it, just as hundreds before you have.

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