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High Class Member Only E-liquid 60ml

High Class Member Only E-liquid 60ml

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Flavor: Rich strawberry cheesecake vape with a decadent custard, and cream finish.

In N.Y., the most thriving and bustling spot to be; your Membership includes the top flavors of a rich strawberry cheesecake, a decadent custard, and cream finish. This vape is a winner! New York is like our second home, every year that we visit we are reminded of the quality of the fresh food, the top notch bakeries on every city block and of course the scenery. We feel that with each puff of this original Members Only vape liquid you will feel like you are on top of the world. With each bottle of Members Only you will receive our stylish and sophisticated Chubby Gorilla bottle that is reminiscent of New York City, the thriving metropolis full of classy people hustling and bustling to make something of themselves to go with your pre steeped premium E-liquid and comes complete with the easy to use dripper top for your convenience. Try this delicious strawberry cheesecake with custard and cream today!

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